IMG_2605Our breads are made from stoneground flours that are milled on site. Stone-milling preserves in the flour the germ oil which is the source of any grain’s unique aroma. Whether we are making whole grain or more refined flours, the aromatic qualities of the grain are preserved. All loaves are naturally leavened using grain cultures that are many generations older than myself. After a thorough fermentation process, our breads are baked in a custom wood-fired oven.

Market Bread

Made from finely sifted stone-ground wheat, this bread balances the delicate flavor of wheat and fermentation. Also available with sesame or with herbs.

Heirloom Wheat

Like the name says, this bread is pure freshly milled whole wheat, with only water, salt, and wheat culture. Deeply flavored and satisfying.

Heirloom Grit

This bread highlights the flavor of our wonderful regional heirloom corn. The dough is filled with cooked grits and the final loaf is rolled in dry grits resulting in a unique contrast of milky sweet corn on the inside and crispy toasted corn on the outside.


Seeded bread is a Farm and Sparrow classic. Flax, Sesame, and Sunflower Seeds combine with our stoneground wheat for a nourishing toasty loaf.


The flavor of freshly milled spelt stands alone in this bread.