Our Milling Process

Located in the Appalachian foothills of Western North Carolina, we work with 13 different farms in 5 states on the Eastern seaboard to produce high quality grain for a range of baking and culinary applications.  If you draw a circle around us on a map, you can see that we are situated at the crossroads of a diverse array of landscapes, cultures, soils, and microclimates.  We want to work with the best old and new grains in order to give expression to all of them.

All of our products are freshly stone-milled before being used or packed.  Organic grains are milled at cool temperatures to preserve flavor and maximize nutrition.    We do not use any forced air in the milling process.  Heat and oxygen are the two enemies of flavor in milling. In commercially milled flours, the three components of the grain are separated into pure starch, pure bran, and pure germ.  The aromatic and nutritious germ is rarely re-included into the flour. Our process is focused on retaining all of the aromatic fats from the wheat germ, even when the flour is sifted to create a finer flour.   Just like a chef will seek out a cut of meat with excellent fat marbling, we focus our energy on creating a flour that is fully coated with the rich germ oils of the grain.  This is the source of flavor.

We are proud that 100% of the flour and grains used in our breads are stoneground in our bakery using all of the grains and products that you see listed.   This way, we can guarantee their functionality and verify their flavor potential.

We are actively sourcing and saving rare seeds which will be brought back into cultivation, tested in the bakery, and eventually made available for purchase.

Contact us for a list of mill goods to be ordered and picked up at All Souls Pizza.

Heirloom Wheat

The first wheat variety we worked with by itself was Turkey Red wheat from baker Thom Leanord in 2006.   In 2008 we began working with a local grower to cultivate Turkey Red here in the mountains.   Today our wheat comes from 9 different farms in 5 eastern states.   Heirloom grains have a lot of personality to them and we have discovered that blending from different farms enables to take advantage of the unique qualities of each crop.    Varieties currently in use include Turkey Red, Red Fife, Sungold Spelt, Maverick Spelt, Comet Spelt, Oberkulmer Spelt, Lucille Emmer,  and Einkhorn.

Heirloom Corn

The diversity of heirloom maize varieties has been a major influence within our bakery and continues to influence our baking methodology.    Maize is the first grain of North America and certainly of the American South.   It comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes, all of which correlate to unique flavors and textures.

All of our corn products are milled from organically grown varieties of landrace and heirloom maize including but not limited to Tuxpeno Landrace, Tennessee Red Cob, Cateto Flint Landrace, Hickory King, Bloody Butcher Red, Caribbean Landrace, Truckers Favorite, Coroico Flour Landrace, Hopi Blue Flint, Cherokee Gourdseed and Cherokee White Flour.   We are actively involved in saving and distributing maize seed to our farmers based on how they perform in our bakery.

Heirloom Rye

We mill two types of rye.   Wrens’ Abruzzi Rye, which is the traditional rye of the Carolinas, and Danko Rye, a traditional Danish variety.   Wren’s Abruzzi is part of the Abruzzi family of  Italian Rye, which came to the Carolinas many centuries ago.  Though it has mainly been used for cover cropping, it is excellent as a baking rye.

Bakers Granola

Organic Oats, Organic Flax, Sesame, and Sunflower Seeds, Butter (RBGH-free), Wildflower Honey, Sea Salt, Spices