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Oat culture originates in Europe though it became a staple crop in the colonial period of America.   Oat culture was expanded upon further as Scottish and German immigrants settled the Appalachians and continued to move westward.  We mill “naked oats,” named such because they are hull-less whereas most prominent oat varieties are enclosed in a hull which requires an extra step in processing.   For this reason, naked oats have been prized by small scale growers for generations, growers who have helped to carry forward their seed.   

There are few other grains where the aromatic difference of fresh milling makes such a dramatic difference.   Fresh milled oats should have a heady perfume and a deep taste of malt and cream. Left to age, these qualities disappear.   We offer stone-cut oats for basic breakfast porridge or baking along with “quick oats,” milled finely to a polenta like consistency which can be cooked by just adding boiling water.   For pastry chefs and adventurous pasta makers, we offer a fine crema 00’ flour.

Available as Stone Cut, Instant, and “00” Flour

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