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Maize, as corn was originally called, has been cultivated for over 10,000 years by Native Americans in Central America. It later spread via Native American migration south to Argentina and north to what we now refer to as the American South. We choose to work with landrace varieties of maize, varieties that are still semi-wild, with the belief that they will once again be allowed to evolve, adapt, and express the Varied terroir of our region, from the mountains to the sea.  The original native varieties were of the “flour corn” family, though as it migrated, “flint corn” and “dent corn” were also born.



Farro is comprised of the three original wild varieties of wheat, the first plants that were domesticated from the wild grasses of the fertile crescent. Together they are known as Farro Piccolo (Einkhorn), Farro Medio (Emmer) and Farro Grande (Spelt). Farro Piccolo is soft with a rich germ that produces an oily flour which is highly aromatic. Farro Medio is an extremely hard grain with a robust malty and tannic flavor profile. It works wonderfully as cooked grain or pilaf and as a flour produces strong extruded or cut pasta. Farro Grande, aka Spelt, is a perfect combination of the delicacy of Farro Piccolo and the robustness of Farro Medio. It is also suitable for bread baking applications.



The American landrace Turkey Red first came to the US from the Black Sea by way of Ukrainian immigrants who settled in Kansas.  After landing in the new world, this variety revolutionized wheat growing and flour milling in the west. It is considered the grandfather plant of most red wheat in America and gives us the nutty, malty, rich aroma that farmers strive to achieve, and all millers strive to preserve.  We work with 4 different farms to cultivate Turkey Red wheat, each producing a distinct expression of this classic wheat. Due to its strength and concentrated flavor, Turkey Red is suitable for all bread and pasta applications.



RYE, Oats, buckwheat, chickpeas, field peas.