Field Peas

Field Peas


The food culture of the American south, like most other cultures, has always depended on a diverse agricultural system that cultivates grains, legumes, plants, and animals in careful rotations.   Field Peas, traditionally known as cowpeas, have sustained generations of rural communities with its ability to thrive in marginal soils, fix nitrogen for future crops, provide fodder for livestock grazing and provide an essential plant protein as part of a diverse diet.  

The American South is home to a diversity of landrace pea varieties that were brought to the colonies by slaves from Africa.   We mill Crowder Peas and Pink Eye Lady Peas, two distinct varieties that have been fixtures of the Southern diet. Our Peas are available “green(fresh)” for a limited time every summer before they are field dried and then harvested.  Dry field peas are available all year long.    

Available as Whole Peas, Pea Meal, or Pea Flour

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